Panagiotis Stefanides
Enclosed you will find the work and artwork of Panagiotis Stefanides. More and more work will be added to these pages with time. At this point I hope you enjoy the following exhibits:
'Buena Fortuna' (artwork)
Heliotropio Stefanides (PDF)
Quantization of Circle Duality
Logos Pyr Chronos
Geometric Mean Ratio (T) by Ruler and Compass
Quadrature Master Theorem
Corollary (Circle Circumference Correlation)
Decorated Platonic Solids (artwork)
Water - Icosahedron (Section)
Logarithm Spiroid Definition
PI (), Transcendental, Natural Log Base
Classical Problems et Alii with Web Links
The Most Beautiful Triangle - Timaeus Plato's
Geometric Concepts in Plato, Related to Art
Theoretical Circle, Quadrature Presupposition
Pi, Irrational, Positive Real Root of Fourth Order Equation
Quadrature of Circle, Theoretical Definition
Nautilus Log Base Shell Curve
WHY LOGARITHM New Thesis of General Definition of Logarithm
Golden root Symmetries of Geometric Forms
Sensors 93 Technical Chamber Of Greece Greek (PDF)
Root Geometries 2011
All triangles derive their origin from two triangles 2011
Golden root symmetries of geometric forms (PDF)
Proposed Geometry of the Platonic Timaeus
Poster (PDF)
Conference Demokriteio University Greek (PDF)
Conference national research institution Greek (PDF)
Conference Iht Solar Aristoteleio University Greek (PDF)
Symmetry Festival 2006 Budapest Hungary and Heliotropio
Conference VIDEOS of Symmetry Festival 2006 Budapest Hungary  and Heliotropio Stefanides Structures
Photo Gallery
Photo October 2012
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8 Alonion Street
145 62 Kifissia
Tel/Fax: ++302108011291

Panagiotis Stefanides (C.V.)
Panagiotis Stefanides (Resume)
M.Sc (Eng) N.T.U. Athens & B.Sc.(Eng) London (HONS)  MIET CEng
(Reliability Lead Engineer in aerospace industry)
Graduate Electrical Engineer - University of London (1974)
Graduate Mechanical and Electrical Engineer - Technical University of Athens (1975)
Certificated Quality Management System Auditor
Professional Engineer, in Fields of the Aerospace Industry, such as:
Aircraft Engines Manufacturing,
Research and Development, and
Quality Assurance Engineering.
Charttered Engineer (U.K.)
Awards 2006    
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